Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Special Saturday Post For All of My New Yorker Friends

I live in Queens. Queens is the largest borough in New York City. It is located on the Island of Long, east of Manhattan, and north of Brooklyn. Normally, during the week it takes me roughly 35 minutes to get from my apartment into Manhattan, or 50 minutes on the weekend. This morning I was going into Chelsea (a neighborhood in Manhattan) to dog-sit all day. I also have a premiere party to attend this evening for White Liars Season 2. I hauled 3 bags of stuff out of my apartment with me this morning including, my laptop, my 3DS, my party clothes, and various other stuff I would need being away from home for 15+ hours. It gets heavy walking around the city with all that!

I got to my train station to discover that the N train (the ONLY train that runs directly from my stop into Manhattan) was not running into Manhattan due to construction. Fine. I can get off the N train at the last stop in Queens and switch over to the 7 train right across the platform, which will take me to the park where I can switch to the train I need and get where I'm going.  I got to the last stop in Queens before the river for the MTA (that's the Metropolitan Transit Authority for all you non-NYers) announcer to tell me that due to "electrical problems" the 7 train is not running into Manhattan either. W. T. F?!?!

The sage advice of the announcer was to get on a 7 train going THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION to switch to another train that would turn me right around and take me the direction I needed to go. Now as sensible as THAT sounds, I opted to haul my stuff 4 blocks away to an entirely different train line and catch that train that would take me out of my way, but still close enough to where I needed to be, and then I would just suck it up and walk the rest of the way.  I am so glad I did this. When I got to that station, I learned that the other 2 trains (the ones I was supposed to go way out in Queens to catch) weren't running either. Well, at least I dodged that bullet and miraculously I was only 10 minutes late to my job.

Thanks MTA! I can't wait for the transit fare hike next year! That will be balls-to-the-wall awesome! Would you like to lay claim to my first-born as well? Well, the joke's on you suckers! I'm adopting!  I'm taking a cab to the party.

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