Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NBC *Spit* Makes Pron Now?

So...I stumbled upon this little gem the other day. Not only has NBC *spit* taken it upon themselves to omit parts of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony as well as parts of actual events, now they have decided to pay tribute to the women of the Olympic Games with this atrocity:

Wow. Thanks NBC *spit* for continuing to remind us women that no matter how far we come in the pursuit of true equality that we are still just pieces of meat to be ogled for your enjoyment.  Thanks.

Seriously, who greenlit that video?!  At least someone was paying attention at some point and removed it from the official NBC *spit* site.  It doesn't matter though, this is the Internet and it still lives on.

I want to make a joke about how I hope that video was made by some film student intern and accidentally got uploaded as an official NBC *spit* special presentation, or how I've heard better soundtracks in actual porno movies, but I can't because it makes me too fuggin angry.
Also, I just found out I have Strep and I blame it for eating my sense of humor, but mostly I blame NBC *spit* because I can. 

P.S Whose taking bets?! My money is on Animal Practice getting the ax after 2 episodes.

So this smug a-hole is to blame for ruining my enjoyment of Olympics Sunday night.  The white guy with the stethoscope looks like a prick too...

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