Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Olympic Fever (Spoilers)

The gymnastics team! Michael Phelps! Ryan Lochte! Gold medals!!! *hyperventilates*

Olympics! Nom. Nom. Nom.
Ok, sorry about that. I already mentioned the other day how obsessed I am with the Olympics and that my favorite events were gymnastics. I knew the women's team finals were being held yesterday morning and that NBC *spit* would not end up airing them until "prime time" and I wanted to enjoy the whole event without spoilers.  It was so difficult yesterday afternoon to avoid any and all Olympic news so that I could be surprised when I actually watched it. I never realized quite how dependent on the Internet I was/am until I had to limit my access. I had to avoid Facebook, Twitter and all of my news feeds to prevent spoiling the results for myself, which is incredibly difficult considering NBC *spit* is doing a bang-up job of that already. In fact, I have loved NBC's *spit* tape-delayed Olympics coverage so much so far that I'm now following them on Twitter so I won't miss a thing.  But, all my discipline yesterday paid off, because I enjoyed the shit out the Olympics last night!  Now I have to make sure to be just as diligent moving forward.  Stupid delay. But how fraking awesome was that shit last night?! It boggles my mind that the last time USA women's gymnastics team won gold was before the girls on the current team were able to walk.  In fact, in their post-event interview last night, they all told Bob Costas that their earliest memory of the Olympics was the 2004 Athens games. *sigh* I feel old.

I will never be this aaesome.
Nevertheless, last night was awesome. McKayla Maroney blew that vault out of the water like a  boss!!! I do have to say that McKayla, has a seemingly sweet and bubbly personality in her interviews, but have you seen the scary fierce game face on that girl?! More than once Boyfriend and I both commented that she looked super pissed or even "bitchy" as though she were glaring around deciding who she would kill with her mind, even though I know she was just very focused. But then she opens her mouth to laugh or speak and a sweet little teen-aged voice slips out and it's disconcerting. She transforms from giddy smiling girl...

Yippee Olympics! USA!

...into fierce competitor in the blink of an eye.

Suck it Russia. I will end you.
 As I said: Like. A. Boss.

Speaking of bosses, Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian in history! How cool is that? My parents weren't even in high school when that record was established. By a now-all-but-forgotten woman, no less. I know it hasn't quite been the Olympics Phelps wanted when he arrived in London, but it's hard to argue against his awesomeness...unless you're a complete jackass or something.

Pictured: Not a jackass
Ok.  I'm done geeking out about the Olympics...for today.

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