Monday, August 27, 2012

And Then Anne Wheaton Tweeted Me, and I Geeked Out Way Lots

If Wil Wheaton is the "Prince of PAX" then that would make his wife, Anne, the Duchess of PAX. Then that means that when I had a mini Twitter convo with her on Friday, that I chatted with Geek Royalty. Friday was a good day.

P.S Funny coincidence: Anne Wheaton's surname (according to Wiki) before she married Wil was Prince.  And it's not at all creepy and stalker-y that I know that. It's not.

P.P.S Seriously, it's not creepy.

P.P.P.S Stop judging me.


  1. That's awesome :) Too bad nothing is Vandal Eyez'd in the shot or you could have been on her tumblr :)

  2. LOL, Thats pretty cool, I'm not a big fan of star trek or Wheaton (I know what kind of nerd am I) but that's still pretty cool.


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