Friday, July 20, 2012

Blankety Blank and Other Female Awesomeness

Remember that time I went to PAX East and we shot a lot of videos you never got to see? THIS is one of those videos! (You can watch the others we have posted on my YouTube Channel.)

There really is no excuse for not having posted this and other videos sooner. Laziness, life, depression. These things all get in the way of accomplishing stuff sometimes. Also, Boyfriend is not what I like to call, a planner of things. But, Boyfriend is my one-man production team, so I can't get too mad. He is my producer/director/editor/sound engineer/sound operator/camera operator/PA/etc and he is amazing at being supportive and helpful, I just fail at being a motivator. Like on the days when I go to my shitty 8-hour day job while he stays home all day doing what I'm assuming is editing, but then when I get home and he's actually been watching the complete first season of Downton Abbey for the THIRD time (yes it's an awesome show, but do something, please!!!) then I get all naggy. I hate to be naggy, so I just don't say anything...I just sit on the couch and sigh.
This is why I am not a life coach.

Anywho...without further ado, my interview with the awesome lady who is Susan Arendt, the managing editor of The Escapist!

P.S After reading this blog Boyfriend says (and I quote) "Downton Abbey is really good. Actually, I was just thinking about watching that again..."


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