Friday, June 8, 2012

More Tragedy...

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I've spoken at length about our troubles with our PS3 and the yellow light of death. After the most recent breakdown, Boyfriend and I decided it was time to start saving up to buy a new one, especially since it doesn't look like the newest Sony console will be out anytime soon. Plus, we reasoned, at least we still have an XBox360. 

Correction: we have a console formally-known-as-a-functioning-XBox360. Console tragedy has struck yet again! The XBox360 displayed the "Red Ring of Death" the other day. Unfortunately, even the famous towel trick could not fix the XBox for more than 5 minutes. Alas. 
On the bright side, we didn't actually pay for the giant paperweight XBox we currently own, it was given to us by a friend, so no money lost there.  But, now we have to save up to buy two new consoles. At least the PS3 still works for the moment.
Ah, crap now I've jinxed it...

Anyone want to donate to the "Buy Gurl on Girl-Gaming new gaming consoles so she can continue to write awesome blogs about them" fund? Only $600. 

Kickstarter says no.

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