Friday, June 15, 2012

Game Night

Last night, Boyfriend and I had a "game night" with our friend Max. We usually get together every other Thursday for Pathfinder, but our GM was not ready for the next step in our campaign so we decided to have a good ol' fashion board/card/video game night. After catching up on the most recent episodes of Tabletop last week, we all had a hankering to play some Munchkin and/or Ticket to Ride, but just to whet our gaming whistles, we started off with a card game called Cards Against Humanity, a game I had heard about, but not yet played. The subtitle of the game is "a party game for horrible people" and they aren't kidding. To sum up the game in an elevator pitch, it's essentially Apples to Apples for people with a sick and twisted sense of humor. The game gave us some awesome laughs and so so many groans of omagod-that's-terrible-but-so-funny. Boyfriend hates Apples to Apples with a passion, so I was actually surprised he had fun with Cards Against Humanity. His reasoning for hating Apples to Apples is because there are no "rules" to winning, it's a very subjective game.  He likes games with rules where there is a clear winner. He and I are both rather competitive people, and I could tell he was getting frustrated not "winning" Cards Against Humanity, but that really just means he's not as awful of a human being as I am because I won. Or did I? My favorite cards in my hand during the course of the game were, "Video tape of Oprah crying into a tray of Lean Cuisine," and "Picking up girls outside of an abortion clinic." Why? Because I'm a bad person. 

One of these is the face of a sick and twisted individual.
Short-story-long: game nights are the best. And I am the worst.

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