Monday, May 21, 2012

Y is for Youda

 No, I did not misspell the name our favorite green Jedi Master.

Hmmm, methinks misspelled my name you have.

No Yoda, I'm not talking about you, and stop ending sentences with prepositions! It makes a grammar nerd crazy. I love you, but please speak normal English. Wait, you're in my head why are you using poor grammar if you're in my head? Leave my brain alone, Yoda!

Hmmm, I sense much anger in you. Anger lead-


I love simulation games.  I grew up playing SimTown, then SimCity 3000 and Sim Theme Park and then the big papa of them all, my favorite, my obsession: The Sims. You know how some people lose hours, days, weeks, months, years of there life to WoW? Like crack addicts they just can't stop?  The Sims is my crack. The Sims is my WoW. It's like logging in and playing god for hours.  You plan all these great futures for these little beings that you make and then they csn go and screw it up all by themselves.  Or you can screw them over yourself. Bwahahaha.  They were my own personal voodoo dolls at times.  Ways to act out my darkest fantasies without hurting anyone.  It was my own digital dollhouse. It makes me think that if I really am "made in God's image" then that dude has one sick sense of humor...but I digress.

Some of my favorite quickie downloadable simulation games are Youda Games. (Like Youda Farmer...You da farmer and game title AND a pun?! Yes!) Have you ever played these?! It's like the best of Harvest Moon meets Diner Dash meets SimCity! Some games are much better than others and like the Playfirst Games' Diner Dash franchise, Youda Games are simulation, time management flash cheapy games (as I refer to them-games that you can download for $10-ish.)

I think Youda deserves a mention because I quite enjoy their games and I am struggling finishing out this A-Z challenge in a timely manner.  I know not all the posts in my alphabet were amazing pieces of writing, but I know that it fulfilled its intention which was to stretch my writing muscles every day and to challenge my creativity.  It did these things.  I know I didn't quite fulfill all of the requirements for participating in the challenge-I didn't complete it in the month of April, having started the challenge a couple weeks late due to PAX EAST; I didn't post every day due to that pesky thing I have called a job.  I thought at least some of these A-Z posts should revolve around gaming, so I chose Youda Games for today.  Plus it's just fun to say.  Youda. Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuda.

Phoned this one in methinks you have.

I hate you, Yoda-in-my-head.

Note: I'm blogging from the road for a few days with iffy Internet connection, so sorry for the infrequency of posts and the possibly questionable quality and rambly-ness of said posts.
P.S I wrote the majority of this post whilst sleep deprived riding on a bus crossing 3 state lines. No drugs were involved in the writing of this post. Does that answer your question?

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  1. I installed SimCity 3000 for G a few months ago. I had to find a work-around for Vista and it took at least 3 hours. And then I got him Windows 7 about a month later and now I have to find a different work-around. But yeah, SimCity 3000 was our metaphorical crack for that month or two before Windows 7.


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