Thursday, May 10, 2012

V is for Vamping or Vorpmi

Vamp (verb)-To put together; fabricate or improvise
Vorpmi- Improv spelled backwards

We're coming down to the final days of A-Z Blogging challenge, and I'm sort of falling off the writing-everyday-wagon again. Sorry! My pesky job keeps getting in the way this week (you know, the place where people sleep at their desks, come in 20 minutes late every day and steal my birthday balloons because I was out sick and not there to defend them, and give said balloons to another employee on their birthday-I wish I was joking. *Sigh* That place.)  No matter. It's Thursday and every other Thursday Boyfriend and I get together with our friends and play Pathfinder. Tonight is a Pathfinder night! Huzzah!
I am currently playing a half-elf Urban Druid named Bronwen. The name Bronwen is of Welsh origin and depending on your source, can translate to mean fair or blessed breast (heh, breast) and the variation of it can also mean white or blessed raven. My character Bronwen stands 5'9" tall and weighs around 135 lbs. Her slender athletic frame is covered in milky white skin which is juxtaposed by a full head of flowing charcoal hair. Being an Urban Druid, she is not quite as athletic or knowledgeable about nature as her forest brethren.  Her piercing green eyes always seem to hint that she knows something she 's not telling you. Bronwen's past is somewhat vague.  She knows very little of her parents, as they died mysteriously when she was quite young.  She was raised by a kindly human druid who was never blessed with a child of her own, but always wanted one.  Bronwen is very quiet and keeps mostly to herself, always having felt as though she was more welcome in the presence of animals than humans. She has never felt as though she quite fit in with humans or with elves, so she tends to keep to herself. She has found her druidic order to be the closest thing to a family in her life, but even there, she still feels a bit amiss.

She realizes that life in her settlement of Westcrown, in the infernal Cheliax, is not all it could be and with her alignment being neutral good, she has grown frustrated with the tyranny that comes with living underneath Hell's thumbnail. She has grown weary of the people living in misery due to the mismanagment from the Chelish nobility. She has grown sick of the fear that that the people of her settlment live in mostly due to lawfully evil hellknights andf the mysterious creatures that violently hunt the town at night.  Hearing hushed rumblings of the possibility of the existence of a small but growing uprising, Bronwen heads out one evening (hopefully returning home before sundown) to investigate these rumors. She gathers with many others at Vizio's Tavern for a secret meeting led by Janiven Key. Even before a plan can be set, hellknights descend upon the tavern intedning to arrest/dispatch any and all of thw conspiritors. After narrowly escaping into thwe sewers with several other townsfolk, Bronwen decides to join the grassroots movement as a member of the Children of Westcrown.

During our four sessions so far, we've encountered many foes who have almost beaten us, but somehow our band of misfits seems to prevail.  We've battled undead, hellknights, sewer goblins, and torch-wielding goblins intent on burning horses alive, all before we reached level 2 (that's right, we saved the ponies.) 

I love you, Allie.

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