Saturday, May 5, 2012

S is for Star Wars

Star Wars Last Supper
Happy Star Wars Day!
I've heard some people say that Star Wars Day came about because A New Hope was released on May 4, 1977. This is not actually true.  A New Hope was first released in theaters in May 25, 1977 before the Memorial Day weekend. Geeks have adopted May 4th as Star Wars Day because of the pun "May the fourth be with you."

Did you know that we actually have the Brits and Margaret Thatcher to thank for the popularity of this pun? Margaret Thatcher was the first/only female prime minister elected to office.  Her election date? May 4, 1979.  After she won the election, her party took out an ad in the London Evening News saying, "May the fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations."

In 2005, George Lucas was giving an interview on German TV about  Star Wars and was asked about "May the force be with you." The interpreter apparently translated this to say "We will be with you on May 4th" and aired it on German TV. This may or may not have been the birth of Star Wars Day.  I can't actually find a "birth date" of this holiday.  Please feel free to enlighten me if anyone finds any factoids I any have missed about this day.  I leave you with this:

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