Thursday, May 3, 2012

Q is for Querida: A Love Letter to Felicia Day

Querida: a Spanish noun meaning dear, honey, or darling.

Sassy Felicia Day being Sassy.
Dear Querida Felicia Day,

You are undoubtedly the geek-a-sphere's Querida, its princess, its sweet yet mighty warrior. I <3 you. I recently watched your episode of Supernatural "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know that I haven't always gotten along with or had any respect for your "handlers" at cons, but I'm willing to put that all behind us because I know it's not your fault. Because of the wonderfulness that is your Flog, and Geek & Sundry, and Dr. Horrible, and your guest spot on Supernatural, I am now declaring you my entertainment industry mentor. You're welcome. You've been in an online musical, you've guest-starred on some fabulously nerdy shows, you've voiced awesome video game characters; you've embraced your girl-next-door "type" and become an icon. Congratulations from another girl who never got to play the "leading lady" because it's just not her type. As your new mentee (it's a word) I would like to appoint myself your new P.A when I move to California. I'll be the best and freest cheapest most economical P.A there has ever been.
-Need coffee? Name the roast/size/flavor. (Actually, you seem more like a tea drinker, but I can brew like a master.) 
-Need to go somewhere? Boom! Driver's License, clean driving record.
-Need a line cue?? Word. 
-Need your violin tuned/polished? I will learn to do such things or I will hire Boyfriend as my assistant and he will do it for you. Boom. Delegated. 
-Need a handler who is polite yet fair and firm with fans and who doesn't shoo away the owner of the con at which you're appearing? Done. 

Actually, with all those skills I have and with Boyfriend as my assistant, I think I will promote myself to Senior Production Assistant to All Things Felicia-related. I'll make myself a hat and everything, you know, so it's official and junk.

Boom. Official. Thank you, Zazzle.

Your Official Senior Production Assistant to All Things Felicia-Related (New York Division):
Jess "GurlNxtDoor"

P.S That's an awfully long title.  As my first action as Official Senior Production Assistant to All Things Felicia-Related (New York Division), I hereby shorten it to O.S.P.A.A.A.F.R.N.Y. Boom. Title shortened.

P.P.S That's a tricky acronym isn't it? As my second act as O.S.P.A.A.A.F.R.N.Y I will shorten the acronym further to OSPA as a time-saver. So says OSPA Jess.

Boom. Post-scripted.


  1. Omg I used to have a crush on her lol.

  2. Omigod! I love this post! (Felicia Day is pretty fantastic as well)


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