Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Excited For Another Birthday Post: Or Nerd Lub - Embrace it!

Note: Normally I'm not into a lot of mushy stuff, I try to describe my affection in the least "girly" of terms, but this blog post is about to be a love-fest.  You've been warned.

Today is the day of birth of someone very special.  You may have heard of him, I call him Boyfriend. Boyfriend grew up in NC and I grew up in CO. We graduated from two different colleges, with two different majors, in two different cities, in two different states. We both moved to two different parts of the east coast at two different times. How on earth did the two of us get together in such a big city like New York? The story of how Boyfriend and I met is sort of weird and a tad "unconventional" but I was never really one to follow expectations too much.

I went to college with a great guy named Tommy who I had a bit of a crush on. We were buddies, but he graduated long before I did, moved to NYC, and got married to the-bitch-who-shall-not-be-named-and-if-I-see-her-again-I-have-vowed-to-kick-her-in-the-box. BTW their marriage did not end, shall we say, non-violently.
(I just realized that made it sound like murder was involved. It was not. No murder, just a broken heart and a broken nose, but I digress.)  Long-story short: Tommy happened to meet Boyfriend while they were working at a restaurant on the day his marriage officially fell apart and those two became fast friends.

Some months later, Tommy came back to Colorado to visit his family and he and I started hanging out a lot. My big ol' crush on him flared up again, but he threw me a curve ball and told me I should meet his best friend because he's boyfriend material. Whaaa? So, just to humor Tommy, I looked up Not-Yet-Boyfriend on MySpace (oh yeah, remember when that was a thing?) We became "friends" online, and that slowly evolved into texting, and then evolved into calling each other every night. This went on for 5 months or so until I visited NY to find an apartment before I moved to the east coast. Not-Yet-Boyfriend and I went on our first "date" that weekend.  We got a slice of pizza in Chelsea and then we went to his apartment to play Mario Kart Double Dash. Nerdiest. Date. Ever.

Boyfriend later told me that he knew he was falling in love with me when I called him crying one night because I had to sell my GameCube so I could have some extra money to move to NY. I honestly can't say the exact moment I knew we were right together. Once we officially started dating after I finally moved, it just felt right like your favorite pair of shoes, like it was always meant to be that way. In our five years together, we've had some less-than-perfect moments, some disagreements, some fleeting moments where we probably wanted to stab each other in the leg.  I know I can be exasperating with all my idiosyncrasies and neurotic tendencies. Boyfriend talks a lot, especially when whiskey is involved. No matter. I can't imagine there is anyone else on the planet who would be a better mate for either of us. We're nauseatingly perfect together and disgustingly in love. It's gross, we know. Nerd lub is the best lub.

Happy birthday, my lub!

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  1. Aww, that's so cute (the comic and the story). Five years is a long time! Happy birthday to him :)


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