Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Overcoming Post PAX Depression

As we all exhale a deep sad sigh whilst trudging back to the daily grind that is "real life," the joyful high we all felt among our own kind for 3 days has started to dissipate and now Post-PAX Depression (PPD) has set in.  What is a nerd to do?  The Monday after PAX is like the day after Christmas: everyone goes home from their holiday travels with lots of great memories, warm fuzzies, shwag, and exhaustion. They also probably go home with a case of the blues-the sadness that creeps in after the excitement dies down and you realize you have to go back to boring daily life.  As someone who is already prone to bouts of clinical depression PPD can be especially tough on me, so I've complied a list of suggestions for coping with PPD.

If you took pictures or video, go through them in chronological order and remember all the awesomeness you witnessed and/or took part in. Or got to sites like G4, Flickr, The Escapist or any of your favorite nerd-lebrities who may have uploaded goodies. Relive the memories for a moment and maybe stumble upon stuff you missed.

-Don't Despair
PAX is popular.  It's not going anywhere, it will be there next year. Also, if you missed something you were dying to see, it's ok.  No one can see or do everything that every con has to offer.  It's not possible, and you are not Superman/girl, and that's ok. That's the beauty of the internets, you can see stuff you missed.

-Your Routine is Your Friend
It may not sound like it, but the sooner you get back into your daily routine, the better you'll start to feel post PAX. I, too must return to my crappy desk-monkey job that I am working hard to abandon. But, keep looking at the road ahead, keep working towards your goals in life. 

-Try Something New
Two words: Beta Codes. Everyone got these at PAX, go play a new game! You'll feel good.

-Water, Vitamins, Sleep, 
If you spent time inside a big convention hall with thousands of strangers and erratic temperature changes, then you most likely came home with a case of the PAX Plague. Feeling sick while coming down from the high of PAX can make you feel even worse.  Treat yourself right: get plenty of rest, drink LOTS of water (clear pee is happy pee), pop some vitamin C, and make a small change in your diet-get some leafy greens in your body if you don't already eat your veggies regularly (convention food doesn't make anyone feel good.)

-Keep in Touch
E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, XBOX Live, PSN, Mii Plaza, etc-they are all your tools to stay in contact with all of your new friends/connections.  Use them, but don't abuse them (nobody likes a facehugger...or do they?) Remember, you are not alone in your feelings.

How else do you battle the post-PAX blues?


  1. If I was able to go.. I would have been rocking in the corner of my room by now! thou i'm alittle sad that they don't have something similar like this is Australia.. because I would be there with bells on :)

    1. I like the term "with bells on" I may have to adopt it!


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