Monday, April 30, 2012

O is for Oarless and Ocarinas

Do you ever feel oarless in life? Metaphorically, I mean.  You are in your boat and you can see off on the horizon where you want to be, but you look around and you can't find the oars to paddle in that direction, or worse you can see the oars but they are floating away from you in unknown waters and you're too unsure or afraid to jump in the water to try to get an oar.  That's how I feel today.  Fear holds me back today.  Fear that words won't go on the page right.  Fear that the words will eventually dry up and never flow again. Fear that even if the words continue to flow, I will continue spewing them out into the void where they will dance for a moment and fade away into nothingness, never having touched anyone or made the world better.

Then I think about playing a video game, and I feel cold, and that's when I know that the little Doom Cloud is trying to rear its ugly head again.

Boyfriend bought me Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns for my birthday last week and I'm really enjoying it, but for some reason today I've been craving a replay of Ocarina of Time today.  I have the 3DS special Zelda Edition which came with Ocarina of Time in 3D. Having never gotten a chance to play the original on N64-only watching my friends play in college-but loving Windwaker, I wasn't certain of what to expect.  Windwaker will probably always be my favorite in the Zelda franchise, but I thoroughly enjoy Ocarina of Time. The 3D element isn't necessary to the game play but it adds a little extra magic to it. 

And those are my thoughts today.  They may not be much, but after watching/helping Boyfriend edit our PAX East videos, I'm sick of hearing my own voice, especially the one in my head.
Humble brag?  Meh.  It happens.

 P.S Oarless is too a word, spellchecker!!!

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