Monday, April 30, 2012

N is for Nescience and New Logo?

Nescience (NESH-ee-ence) — absence of knowledge or awareness; ignorance 

I know I've harped on Draw Something already, but this needs to be said:

It's called DRAW  Something, not write-down-a-bunch-of-words-semi-related-to-the-word-I'm-supposed-to-be-guessing, THAT game is called $100,000 Pyramid. Am I the only one who runs into this issue?  I've been playing with this kid(?) who not only sucks at drawing (when he/she does actually draw) but his/her "clues" he/she chooses to write instead of draw don't make any sense.  
Example 1: 

This is my generous recreation of a "drawing" made by said genius I was playing with.  What was the word I was supposed to be guessing, you ask? Mozart.  In case your classical music knowledge is rusty, Für Elise is the more common name for Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor one of the most popular songs composed by BEETHOVEN.  So, not only did this person violate the very basics of this game by writing words (a disqualification in Pictionary) he/she didn't give me the correct written clue. *sigh*

After this little debacle, I rolled my eyes, screamed at him/her through my iPod and moved on.  Then, I got really irate in the next round.
Example 2:
Again, another generous recreation on my part showing this player's ineptitude and/or laziness. If you're not going honor the spirit of the game, then don't play with me!  
The word was Depp, by the way.
The part that really boggles my mind though, is in Draw Something you aren't just stuck with a word, you have 3 options and you choose the word you want to draw.  Some words are harder and worth more points. But why choose a difficult word and not have a plan?! This is why I don't usually play online with others, I get all cranky.


On a more pleasant topic, Boyfriend has been making amazing progress on our videos from PAX EAST and we should have the first one up this week! Also, our dear friend, Tom Phillips took my simple logo I had designed for the blog and created a masterpiece of...well, just look:

Original logo Copyright: Jessica Ayers

New logo? Copyright Tom Phillips

He sent it over last night and we all had a good chuckle, but no, this did not get the old stamp of approval from me. This will not be my new logo. However, Tom and I have no qualms putting it on a t-shirt.  As soon as it's in my Zazzle store, anyone can buy it.
You're welcome.


  1. mozart...HAHAHAHA!! this is why i don't even try to play that game

  2. When I was playing DrawSomething (which I got bored of and have since given up on) I was playing a few people who seemed to only write the word down. It wasn't just once or twice, or with words that were difficult, it was EVERY SINGLE WORD. After 3 or 4 rounds of them writing the word - I deleted them from my list. I don't think I understood the concept.

  3. That is a funny logo, although pretty awkward. Everybody would be even more confused about the lack of porn on this blog.


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