Saturday, April 28, 2012

M is for My Sister, Megan

My sister's birthday is tomorrow. Growing up, I never minded sharing my birthday week with Megs, I always thought it was fun because it usually meant 2 parties in one week even if one of them wasn't all about me. My mom was always trying to come up with creative theme parties for us, which I remember being super fun.  One year Meg had a ballet themed party and we all wore tutus and ballet shoes and listened to the Nutcracker on a loop for hours (which I bet drove my mom nuts) and danced around and it was great. Another year, we had a 50's diner themed party where everyone wore poodle-skirts, and we listened to the Grease and Mermaids soundtracks on a loop for hours (which I bet drove mom nuts.) I loved that party because I got to be the "waitress" (oh life imitating art) for everyone and mom even let me where my Rollerblades in the house like it was a drive-in.

My favorite memories with my sister through the years have been: 
-Playing "Dogs" (the name we gave to incorporate all the games we made up playing with our dollhouses and figurines as kids) 
-Having perfume fights in our bathroom
-Jumping on our neighbors' trampoline with the sprinklers on
-Getting asked if we were twins by strangers and then laughing at them (we're not twins)
-Pretending we were twins 
-All those times we leaned on one other on those days when you just needed your sister

We live several states away from each other now, and I wish I could see her more.  I don't call or text or e-mail as much as I should and every now and then I feel super guilty for all the times I was less than "sisterly" to her.  I wish I could go back in time and undo all the times I was mean to her for no reason or gave her any reason to fear or not look up to her older sister.  I'm sorry I had to go away to college and leave her at home for 2 years without a sister even though I'm sure using my room as her walk-in closet helped ease the pain of me not being there.  I'm sorry I couldn't always really be there during those years when she was really sick. I love my sister very much and I am so proud of the person she's grown into and I wish her nothing but happiness.

I love you, Poodle! Thanks for being my sissy. Happy Birthday!

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