Thursday, April 26, 2012

K is for Katzenjammer

 Did I mention that it was my birthday yesterday? It was a pretty darn good birthday. My sister sent me some really nice lotion (plus a mystery gift that has not arrived yet,) Boyfriend got me a new game and a movie, and my dad came into town on a business trip so he took us out to dinner. I love going out to dinner with my dad, and not just because it's a free meal. We always go some place fun and eat delicious food until we're stuffed and there is always plenty of wine. Oh the wine...

Ketzenjammer is a German word that literally translates to cat wailing but it basically means "hangover" and the cat wail that is the Mariah Carey song that's playing on the radio at work right now is not helping me!

The Calvados was what really did us in last night, though. It's very similar to Grappa-a beverage I refuse to touch-which is a drink that my father refers to as "Wine's afterbirth." Gross. But he has a point, it feels like you're imbibing jet fuel. Which is why last night I tweeted this:

Sorry this isn't a real post, but now you know why. I'll have better and more interesting things to say tomorrow.  But how about that new vocab word, eh?
You're welcome.


  1. Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hangovers suck and the French are stoopid (I should know, I live in France) you know they don't even have a word for Hangover... which is ridiculous because they drink wine at breakfast... or maybe that is the key, never get sober?! Love Elle xo


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