Monday, April 9, 2012

I Have Returned!

PAX East was amazing this weekend!!! We had a ton of fun, met a lot of great people, and saw so much. The only thing that could have made it better was if we were able to get 3-day passes. Yes, Boyfriend and I dropped the ball and did not buy our 3 day passes before they sold out. However, we had 2 awesome fun-filled days that ended way too quickly.  We battled minor technical difficulties, sleep deprivation, crowds, and my social anxiety but we got some great footage and some amazing interviews with people this weekend. I am very proud of us and our first venture into video blogging. Now begins the tedious editing process. We will work very hard to get the completed videos up before the end of the month.  I did some good networking this weekend as well and met some really fabulous people.  My goal for next year is to be eligible for a media pass. 

Felicia Day calls her videos her "flog" (Felicia + blog = flog) I was thinking about it last night, and think I shall make up a name for my own blog/videos. I now dub this website the GoGG Blog. Gurl on Girl-Gaming = GoGG; Blog + GoGG = GloGG? I dunno, I'm still working it out. Interwebs math is hard.

UPDATE: Ok so I just did some research into the requirements for a media pass to different cons for future reference, and they seem pretty standard.  Then I went to the IRS website to see how to go about filing myself as an LLC to make myself legit. So it's official and shit: Gurl on Girl-Gaming (a fictitious entity of BDG Productions) is recognized by the IRS (in 5-6 business days) as a real business entity! Tremble before me and my legal documents!  Now I just need to file with the state of NY. Boo.

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