Saturday, April 21, 2012

F is for Falderal: or That Other F Word (Yes, it's in Here Too)

So, remember how I promised yesterday that today my blog post would be less depressing?  Yeah.  I got nothing. I feel like it's cheating in this A-Z challenge if I just sort of phone it in, but that may be something I just have to live with.  Since yesterday afternoon, I've been on a desperate quest through my mental labyrinth (or "kicking the old peanut around" as Boyfriend puts it) to think of an interesting title or a subject starting with the letter F. Unfortunately everything I could think of were things like "Fucking job" "Fucking Roaches" "Fucking Fuck" and that just seemed too easy.  Really, you can put "fucking" in front of anything and suddenly it sounds interesting starts with the letter F. Problem solved. So, instead of going the easy route, I decided to put real thought and creativity into this post.  Here are my ideas thus far:
Falling asleep while chewing gum?! Really?
(My co-worker whom I suspect may have a sleeping disorder literally dozed off at her desk while not only chewing gum, but in the middle of blowing a damn bubble.  I so wish I was joking.  I think her paycheck is bigger than mine too.  I hate my job.)

(How awesome is this word?!Yes it is too a real word spellcheck! Psh.  You think you're so smart.  You don't even think spellcheck is a real word.)

(A fancy word, perhaps too fancy for my blog. This is also a real word spellcheck!!!)

Aaaaaand that's all I got. But, if you're a word nerd like me, you'll find the title and content of this post apropos and hilarious. You're welcome.

Looking for the perfect F word? Try here

Well, this post kind of sucks, but since it's already 12 hours later than I normally post and I have nothing left in my creative juice carton, I'm just going to chalk it up to "they can't all be winners" and just go play Fable III.  Fable starts with F.  *sigh* Fuck.

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  1. Fuck is such a useful word. It can be so many parts of the English language.


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