Friday, February 3, 2012

CNN Has a Geek News Blog? yeah...that happened. No offense, but when I think of breaking news in the nerd community, CNN is not my first thought. I go to G4 or Topless Robot or , at the very least, the Twittersphere (do people still call it that or am I getting old?). I kind of think CNN is just jumping on the "geek chic" "nerdy-is-the-new-sexy" bandwagon with this one.
I stumbled upon their "nerd blog" when trying to look for the awesome video below to add to a blog post:

CNN was listed as one of the sources that had the video. Say what-now? They posted about how it's just exploding in the geek world. While I'm happy they included an interview with the creator, Aaron Sims, as I'm all for him getting as much attention as possible (because his video is amazing) I just feel weird about getting my nerd news from CNN. I just can't take them seriously anymore. It comes across as "hey parents/non-nerds here's what all that there nerd-speak means." Their articles are written like hipster term papers. (Hipster Term Papers is the name of my Velvet Underground cover Band)

I especially can't take CNN seriously after the whole Anderson Cooper/Spiderman wtf-is-happening-piece on New Year's Eve. Anderson Cooper is a studmuffin-dreamboat, but...Ugh...I was mortified to live in a world where that video existed.

Maybe I'm being too hard on CNN, maybe my blood sugar is just low and I need to eat and it's causing me to sort of turn into a bad...or maybe we should all just point and laugh at CNN.

Oh good, my food's here!

P.S Look how productive I've been this week! 3 blog posts in 2 days!!! See how much I get done without those pesky "real job" duties getting in my way?

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