Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Star Wars Celebration 2015 Run-Down!

I Had a really great weekend.  Boyfriend took me to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim as part of my birthday present.  While I only got to be there for 2 days, with my introversion and social anxiety it was more than enough.  I was absolutely exhausted on Monday morning.
I wanted to become one with my couch.  I wanted to just let it absorb me and never move again.  But I did eventually get up to go to work and to make a new video.

I got a little manic towards the end, but you know how fandom is. 

For more photos of my experience, you can find me on Instagram @ JessNxtDoor!

Also, my Star Wars reaction video has over 12,000 views!  
How the hell did that happen?!?!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

OMG You Guys New Star Wars Trailer!!!

Did you watch it?! Did you see it?! DIDJA DIDJA DIDJA?!?!?

Boyfriend got to go to Star Wars Celebration all day today while I had to go to work and otherwise had a rotten-fuck-tastic day.

But all was right with the world when he came home and we watched the new trailer together.

This is my reaction:


Note: Boyfriend had seen the the trailer twice already by this point. That is why he is bouncing more than I am.  I was concentrating, trying to absorb every tiny detail. 
But dat Han Solos, tho!!!

Not Really a Post About the GoGG Vlog

I affectionately refer to my video blog as The GoGG Vlog. 

As in Gurl on Girl-Gaming.

I came up with a couple of fun ideas for different ways to showcase things I'm nerdy or passionate about.  Check out the video and let me know what you think!


How do you feel about Critter Care Corner, Care & Feeding of Your Geek, and Geek Out! of the Week?

Let me know!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sleepy Knees

A Conversation between me and Boyfriend at bedtime:

Me: (After tossing and turning, and kicking for several minutes) Ugh!!!  I'm so hot!  It's March, why am I so hot already?!

Boyfriend: Well, it was 84 today and you're wearing pants.

Me: I know, but I'm hot, I can't sleep.

Boyfriend: Well, take off your pants, then, crazy lady.  (I can hear his eyes rolling at me)

Me:  I don't want to.

Boyfriend: Why?  You'll be more comfortable.

Me: No I won't, I don't want me knees to touch.  I can't sleep with my knees touching.

Boyfriend: You're knees?

Me: My knees.  I can't sleep on my side if they're touching.

Boyfriend: Well, just put the covers between them

Me: No, because then my butt gets cold

Boyfriend:  So get some knee-pads or something.

Me: No, they're too bulky and will bunch up and make my knees sweaty.  I hate sweaty knees.

Boyfriend: Well, it sounds like you need to design some sort of special knee.......socks to help you and people with your affliction. (He is barely containing his laughter/snark at this point)

Me: You laugh at me, but I have thought extensively about that very idea.  Here's my plan:  I want to write to the memory foam mattress people, you know how you can request a free sample of memory foam before you buy a whole mattress?  Well, I get a piece of foam and make a prototype with some sort of skin-friendly straps on it.  And strap it to one leg so it sits nicely in between my knees when I sleep.

Boyfriend:  You know we do have access to an entire foam plant, you could just ask for some. (Boyfriend's dad is a chemist working in the mattress foam industry.)

Me:  I don't need that much foam just for my knee.

Boyfriend: Oh no, I'm thinking mass production and marketing at this point.  There must be other people out there that...hate having their knees touch...you could design them and sell them on QVC.  You could call them SLEEPY KNEES!  

Me: Oh my god shut up.

Boyfriend: And then you could have a line of elbow pads called El-Doze.  We're gonna be rich.

Me: Shut up now I'm even hotter from laughing.

I eventually gave in and slept with no pants and the comforter wrapped around one leg so that my knees never touched.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dear Me

I wrote a letter to my 14 year-old self.

Making this video was very healing for me. I hope it can help anyone else who has ever felt broken or "wired wrong."

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Made a Thing! (UPDATED)

So this isn't really a post.  
It's just me saying, "Hey guys, I made a thing!  You should go watch it and give me constructive criticism."  


After Boyfriend watched my video, I flopped down on the couch and released a massive sigh of relief because I accomplished something. Then this happened: 

Me: I did it! I made a thing. I posted a video. 

Boyfriend: You did! And it's good! 

Me: Thanks. 

Boyfriend: I'm proud of you. And you didn't record it vertically so I don't have to be embarrassed. 

Me: You suck.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Memory Lane Monday: (What I hope will be) The Final Installment of My Shit Hole Apartment

I haven't posted one of these stories in a while, even though many of you (all 3 of you) have told me how much you like them. The reason for this is mostly because I haven't had any really blog-worthy apartment stories lately. On one hand I'm thankful, but on the other hand it means I actually have to come up with my own topics and that's just exhausting after spending most of the day looking for actual paying work, while trying to keep my inner demons at bay. But I digress...

 So far I don't have any crazy apartment stories from our new digs here in Cali mostly because even though we're certainly not living in a giant Hollywood McMansion or anything, our current residence is such a vast improvement over almost anywhere I ever lived in NYC, that I just don't have the capacity to complain about it yet. Other than our extremely pot-enthusiastic neighbors downstairs who like to hold band practice everyday all day (and boy oh boy they turn it up to 11) our place isn't awful. So without further ado, I give you the absolute last story possible from our Queens Shit-Hole Apartment:

The Final (NYC) Installment of My Shit-Hole Apartment:
Fucking Seriously?!

It was no secret that Boyfriend and I were moving out of our shitty Queens apartment, and out of NYC. All of our neighbors who bothered to peek their heads out of their windows knew it. Neighbors we'd never even spoke to in the 2.5 years we lived there knew we were moving and asked us about it. Even Crazy Mary across the hall wished us luck a couple of days before we left. Crazy. This same woman who a month prior had gotten really high/drunk and fallen asleep while she had something on the stove which made the smoke alarm go off, which made the fire department and the building super have to clamber through our apartment to get to the fire escape to break into her apartment and take care of the situation.  Given Crazy Mary's history, what happened the night before Boyfriend, Leeloo and I were to hit the road for the west coast should not have come as such a shock, but it came as the final boot in the ass from NYC.

The day before moving day, we were set to load up the car, and it was hectic to say the least. I don't remember much except that it was just one long anxiety attack for me, and poor Leeloo wasn't doing much better. It was a flurry of activity and troubled breathing and crying fits as Boyfriend and I tried to get rid of the last of our furniture and pack the last of our belongings hoping against all hope that everything would fit in our car. 

This is not far from the truth
Our dear friends, Krista, and Jen even came over late that night to help us pack, clean, shove the last of our things into the van, and say our final farewells.  Around midnight, Boyfriend, Leeloo and I tried to settle on to our air mattress in the middle of our living room for one last short night's sleep.  Little did we know how short it would be...

At around 3am, there came a banging on our door, followed by the unmistakeable shrill skull-splitting sound of our neighbor, Crazy Mary yelling, "Neighbor?!  Neighbor?!?!  Is your cable out?"  Boyfriend and I both groggily said, "What the fuck?!" as Leeloo sprinted around the living room barking furiously.  Boyfriend and I tried to ignore the banging on our door for a moment, yet it continued.  It continued for an unnecessarily long time especially since it was 3am and no one was dying.  All the while Crazy Mary kept yelling "Neighbor?! Neighbor?!"

Finally, Boyfriend climbed off the mattress and opened the door violently.  Again, Crazy Mary asked if our cable was out.  Boyfriend growled, "I. Don't. Know.  It's 3 o'clock in the morning.  We are moving across the country in 3 hours.  We have no cable, we don't even have a TV anymore."

And in classic Crazy Mary fashion, she replied, "Oh. Sorry,"  nonplussed as ever.

Fucking Crazy Mary.

Of all the nights that we needed some sleep, this was the one.  Did we get it?  Of course not.  Not on our last night as New Yorkers.  It was like the bow on the gift that is living in NYC.

I'm sure I will have some more shit-hole apartment stories in the future at least until Boyfriend and I can be real-live adults and buy a house, but until then, life is not horrible, and our current place is not so bad...yet.