Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

So, remember that time I made a video blog?  And how I said my goal was to upload a video once a week?  Guess how long that lasted....yup, you guessed it, one week.  The funny thing is when you have a video that has 30+ minutes of footage and fuck-ups and do-overs, it takes a long ass time to edit.  Especially if you're trying to do all the editing yourself on top of trying to write creatively, take care of your dog, take care of your relationships, take care of yourself, and work full time at a miserable job in the 2nd circle of hell, all while attempting to build your dream career on the side so you don't have to work full time at said horror show.  Also, there comes a point where I'm tired of listening to the sound of my own voice, and I just need to walk away from editing myself for a day or two.

So, short-story-long, I finally finished editing my second vlog.  I have enough footage in the can for at least 3 other coherent short videos, and all the footage in the world for a whole mess of incoherent videos. It's just the editing process that is crap.  So, I did not abandon the video venture, I just may have bit off a teensy bit more than I could chew.  News flash.

Without further ado, my second video:

Link here if you can't see this video.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Blog Stuff (UPDATED)

So I've been a bit absent from my blog recently, but I made a video to sort of explain why.  

That's right, I said video. You're welcome.  

Go watch it here: bad link


Sorry, I had to delete and re-upload my first vlog video.  The new link is here and the video is below.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm Still Here

The words are there, I know they're there.  I know because I hear them swirling around in my brain constantly, trying to escape.  But, when I finally sit down to let them out and try to type or write them down, they all try to leave at once and then it forms a creativity traffic jam and my brain gets all clogged up and my head gets heavy and I just want to lay down on the floor and never move again.

I'm filled with inspiration when I'm driving in the car or reading an article, but when I have a moment to actually sit down and try to produce something, my brain lies to me and tells me that it's not good enough, so why even bother.

So, that's why this post is so discombobulated, I'm just trying to create.  To put something down on to speak.

May is Mental Health Awareness month.  If you struggle like I do, then you understand the importance of this.  On my good days, I want to hug everyone who is having a bad day and tell them it will get better.  On my bad days, I forget that good days ever existed or will ever exist again.  But, this is me having a not-so-good day reaching out trying to make the day better than it was when I woke up.  if not for me, then for someone.  I got my inspiration from the What I Be Project. It's haunting and beautiful and almost brought me to tears. So, I took my own photo.

If you or someone you care about it struggling, please ask for help.  It's scary, I know. 
Here are some resources I find useful:

-Walk in Our Shoes
My shoes

-Dr. Deb

-Erasing the Distance

-Suicide Prevention Lifeline

And if you won't listen to me, will you listen to The Doctor?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zulu Dawn: A Bittersweet Ending to the A-Z Challenge

Zulu Dawn was a 1979 film dramatization of the Battle of Isandlwana.  What was the Battle of Isandlwana?  No idea.  Wiki it.  My British history is rusty.  I've actually never heard of this movie, yet alone seen it.  I only bring it up because this movie features a wonderful actor who the world was forced to bid farewell to yesterday.  Bob Hoskins died from pneumonia yesterday.  He was 71.

To the Brits, he was a delightful and talented gentleman who rose to international acclaim from an accidental start in show business.  American audiences of a certain age probably know him best for his roles in Steven Spielberg's Hook, Robert Zemeckis' Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or maybe the shit-show less than popular Super Mario Bros. live-action film.

Regardless, Mr. Hoskins was beloved by many and I was so sad when I learned of his passing.  I was at work when I overheard my manager say "That guy from Roger Rabbit died" and I almost cried.  That sadness quickly turned to irritation and rage when I screamed "Bob Hoskins died?!?!" and my manager looked at me like I had grown an extra head because 1) I knew his name, and 2) I was so upset I almost cried. 

Rest in Peace, Bob Hoskins, I loved your career.  
Thank you for helping make my childhood magical.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yensid is the name of the sorcerer in The Sorcerer's Apprentice cartoon from Disney's Fantasia. (But you knew that already, right?)  It is also D-I-S-N-E-Y spelled backwards. And Disneyland is where I spent my birthday evening on Friday.  It's official, I'm 30.  I don't really feel 30.  I don't really feel any age, I just am. I'm a real live adult now right? It doesn't matter, Disneyland is the best place to have a birthday, hands down. I went and got my official Disneyland birthday button, they wrote my name on it and I wore that bad boy proudly, basking in the showering of birthday wishes from cast members and other guests as I skipped down Main Street like an 8-year-old. I win.

Turning're doing it right.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Talkin' Toons

This post can also be titled "Stupid tired." Boyfriend took me to see Talkin' Toons Live last night and it was a blast. We got there super early and were going to meet up with an old NY friend of ours who was in town.  While we were waiting out front for our friend, Rob Paulsen just sauntered on by us. We said hi and shook his hand and he gave me a wink and went to go have a pre-show snack. That man knows how to work a room, lemme tell ya.

Rob's guests last night were April Winchell and Pam Adlon. And he wasn't kidding when he said that those two make the parental advisory flags fly. I won't spoil anything for anyone who wants to listen to the podcast (I think it drops on iTunes on Friday) but it was hella funny. April talked about the beloved Regretsy (R.I.P) and they all told some hilarious stories about working on Disney shows.

I plan on listening to the podcast not only to relive the fun, but also to see if my obnoxious semi-boozed up laugh (that's a 2-drink-minimum for you) can be heard on the recording.  Not only was the show fun, funny, and inspiring (to an aspiring VO actor such as myself) I also got to be in the same room as some voice over royalty last night! Billy West, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Fred Tatasciore were all sitting in the audience among others.

After the show, Boyfriend and I both got a big hug from Rob and then he schmoozed with the rest of his adoring public and we went home. Nothing can live up to the first time I met Rob, but Talkin' Toons Live was great fun. If I were made of money, I'd go every week. Sadly, I am not.

On my actual birthday, Boyfriend and I are going to conclude the week of birthday awesome by going to Disneyland. Because we can.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Super Excited!

Boyfriend is taking me out for an early birthday present tonight. We're going to see Rob Paulsen's Talkin' Toons Podcast live at the Hollywood Improv tonight!!! And you guys know how I feel about Rob Paulsen...

So this is a stupidly short, not-real post because I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!